Video Ad Campaigns drive sales for consumer electronics company

The Challenge

These days, cell phones are more important than ever. Whether phones are for personal or business use, consumers are always looking to upgrade to the latest device and PhoneHouse wants to position themselves as the “go-to” company. To achieve this, PhoneHouse launches monthly marketing campaigns across digital and social platforms like Facebook and programmatic ad campaigns on publisher sites. While these campaigns have generated sales, this tech-oriented company wanted to up their game from static image ads to something more engaging and exciting.

PhoneHouse discovered TheMotion's video rendering platform and decided to experiment with customized product videos for its 200 best sellers. PhoneHouse uploaded a CSV product data file to TheMotion’s platform to create branded lifestyle-oriented videos that would attract the eyes of new customers.

Facebook Campaign

E-Commerce > Electronics

Every video including important product selling points and were automatically updated daily to reflect sale prices. With each video rendered in 4 sizes (300x250, 300x600, 970x250, 1920x1080 HD) the company was ready advertise across any digital channel within a few hours.

The Results

PhoneHouse launched its new video campaigns through Retargeting platforms. Intrigued and excited by the product videos, new customers flocked to the website. PhoneHouse’s video ads improved conversion rates and proved to have a positive ROI. On top of this, since PhoneHouse creatively tested a variety of CTAs (calls-to-action), they gained valuable insights about which messages resonated the most with their target audience and were able to optimize their campaigns even further, leading to increased revenue.

PhoneHouse is a B2C electronics company, selling a wide range of mobile phones online.

TheMotion produced automatically hundreds of videos everyday, enabling the capacity to make different tests and understand better the market.

Carlota Medina
Carlota Medina Product Marketing Manager

The bottom line

TheMotion enables your business to make advertising across different channels, and producing videos for all the channels automatically, in a snap. This solution opens new opportunities. Making video advertising, now is simple.

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